04 June 2016

Mapping cross-references in ISO 14001:2015

Something new in the 2015 version of ISO14001 are several explicit cross references to other clauses in the standard.

The cross references are especially obvious in digital versions of the standard as they are hyperlinked and so appear in blue text.  The diagram below maps all the links of these cross references by drawing an arrow from a clause to all the clauses it explicitly references.

Mapping of cross-references in ISO 14001:2015

The clauses are listed in order from the top to the bottom of the page.  Its interesting to see the clauses with the most references are 6.1.1 (Actions to Address Risks & Opportunities) and 6.1.4 (Planning Action), which are both ‘new’ clauses.

This mapping only includes the cross references which specifically mention a clause number.  Of course there are many other clauses which refer to other parts of the standard, without mentioning the clause numbers.  Probably the most important of these are the references to significant environmental aspect in the clauses for Compliance Obligations, Planning Actions, Objectives, Competence, Awareness and Management Review.