03 September 2020

Sustainability at Confirmative

Confirmative was originally established to work towards environmental sustainability and has a continuing commitment to sustainability.

We live in an amazing world with inspirational nature, which we believe can be conserved for the future.  Our approach to sustainability is based on the following ideas:
  • Resources are finite, so we must make the most of everything we consume.  
  • There is a limit to the environment's capacity to absorb our outputs, so we must minimise our pollution and waste. 
  • What is good for the planet is also good for people.

We also follow the Nobel laureate Robert Solow's thinking on sustainability as - 
"an obligation to conduct ourselves so that we leave to the future the option or the capacity to be as well off as we are"

As a micro-consultant, Confirmative's direct environmental impacts are relatively small.  We aim to minimise these impacts and prevent pollution by reducing resource consumption and waste generation.  We will consider the impacts of our supply chain and attempt to make purchases that have environmental and social benefits. 
Confirmative endeavors to have a broader positive sustainability impact by improving the environmental performance of its clients.  Influencing and strengthening the environmental and GHG management systems of clients is our greatest opportunity to contribute to sustainability.  

Confirmative supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and hopes to see all of the goals achieved within the 2030 timeframe.  With that in mind, Confirmative contributes to these SDGs, either directly as a company or through its clients:

Confirmative also supports the other SDGs: